About 4 Lonely Piggies

We are 4 Lonely Piggies, and we feel lonely because people do not take enough care of us. That is why we created our own brand for you to help make a difference. For us, it is not simply a business. It is our life motto and principles that we will never give up.

What We Do

We provide you animal rights merchandise and vegan apparel for pigs lovers, yoga lovers and cruelty-free activists that we exclusively designed. Our business is a part of our ethical concept of living. You want our messages to reach the masses. You can personalize our T-shirts’ designs and message that capture someone’s attention. You can get our phone cases that spread the word on the care for animals. All our  products are custom-made for you in the USA and Europe to avoid overproduction.

Our vegan merchandise and cruelty-free clothing business is more than another online store. We are a community of those who are not indifferent to how animals are treated. We believe in the bright future of our planet and want you to not only believe, but also act.

Our Mission

It is hard to make people more aware of the necessity of cruelty-free products and vegan or vegetarian lifestyles. Therefore, we are here to spread our message. Our animal rights merchandise will touch the heart of every passer-by. Strong slogans that will stay in memory forever.

Buying and wearing cruelty-free clothing from 4 Little Piggies is a little yet important step on your way to a more ethical lifestyle. Nobody can change the world for the best in one day, but together we can make a difference. Every day there are more and more passionate activists in our team. Become one of us, too.

Oink You

Piggies will thank you a lot for choosing our animal rights merchandise. By shopping at our store, not only do you support animal rights movement but also you donate to PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization - and animal rescue efforts.